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At Ruano Policlínica Dental we have been caring for our patients’ dental health for more than 40 years. Our dental services are comprehensive, innovative and high-quality, and we offer them in a unique, high-quality and friendly professional environment.

Located in the historic center of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), we work to achieve something very simple: the best solutions so that every patient can have their best smile.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are fixtures used to replace teeth that have deteriorated or fallen out.


Thanks to orthodontics, we can solve the cosmetic and mechanical problems of improperly positioned teeth.


It’s important to prevent and treat diseases of the gums, which serve as the base for the teeth.

Oral Surgery

We can meet all your needs concerning extractions and oral surgery.

Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics)

This procedure is performed to preserve a tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted.

Night Guards

These are devices made of plastic or acrylic resin that have different purposes depending on the treatment.

Dental Prosthetics

A dental prosthesis is an artificial component designed to restore the anatomy of one or more dental structures.

Peri-Implantitis Treatment

If you’re having trouble with a dental implant, Clínica Dental Ruano can identify the problem and find a definitive solution to end your discomfort.

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry that treats dental development from childhood through adolescence.


This is the best technology to solve problems caused by oral pathologies, such as snoring and sleep apnea.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Tooth Whitening

Veneers and tooth-whitening procedures can help you recover a more youthful and healthy-looking smile.

Painless Dentistry

Conscious intravenous sedation eliminates the anxiety, fear and pain that may accompany a dental procedure.

Preventative Dentistry and Hygiene

Good dental hygiene prevents gum disease and greatly reduces the formation of cavities.

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    Thanks to our competitive prices and easy financing options for your dental treatments, you don’t need a health insurance to access the best care for your smile.

    However, if you do have a health insurance plan with dental coverage, discuss it with us: we have partnerships with the top insurance companies in Spain and around the world.

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